7 Inspiring Ways I Helped My Husband with Depression

I have heard women talk about how the men they married are suddenly a shell of their former selves. They barely have the will to get out of bed or the house. Some cannot even find the motivation to take a shower or change clothes. If you are married, then you know his problems, unfortunately, are yours too.

help husband with depression

I believe, like any human being, he might have lost his spark. Maybe he lost a job or a sudden health condition has been too much to bear. At other times, he is just in a bad mood for no reason: yes, it happens. As a wife, I have gone through this phase.

In any case, when that happens it is up to you to get him going again, and here is how you can help your husband with depression.

Find out the cause

Losing a job or suffering a setback can be reason enough to demotivate anyone. If that has happened to your husband, then you can understand the mood change.

When you do not know the reason, the best thing to do is ask. Talking to your man and determining the cause of his anguish will help you help your husband with depression.

Talk about it

People tend to shut down when they are struggling and feel like they are alone. Even in therapy, psychologist’s advice that venting or getting things off your chest is a good way to start healing.

If your hubby has lost his inspiration, talking about it can help. When he does, just listen attentively. When people are in distress, they are disoriented and might not reason clearly. You might end up giving him the exact advice he needs to get back on track.

Men are competitive: leverage it

Men are generally doers. No man wants to have things that he can do for him. The idea alone will jolt a man into action faster than you can call his name.

If your sink has been faulty, or the showerhead has a problem, tell him you have called a plumber. A typical man will grab the toolbox and fix that sink or showerhead faster than you can finish your sentence.

Encourage him and do not over criticize

Criticism can be good, but being your husband’s biggest critic will work against you. Instead, be his support system and encourage him. Congratulate him and push him on when he has done well rather than criticizing all his wrongs.

Besides, we are human and human is to err! Encouraging him will fuel him to greater heights. On the other hand, criticism will only break his sails and drown him further into gloominess.

Communicate clearly what you want and thank him when he delivers

A good husband will do his best to deliver whatever you request, given that it is practical and genuine. However, non-verbal cues do not always communicate effectively. Do not expect that by acting in a certain way, he can tell what you want. A man will not know your thoughts or feelings unless you make them known.

Clear communication can be a motivation to follow through, while appreciation is great at affirming. Both will motivate him to be his best with and for you. This is how you can help your husband with depression.

Be his best friend

The fact that you are husband and wife means that he is in it for the long haul. Being best friends mean you share experiences and genuinely enjoy it. To inspire or motivate the man in your life, show interest in his interests, genuinely.

Although you might have different interests, showing real interest in his helps you connect at a different level. Chances are, you will motivate him to show interest in yours too. Everybody is happy and motivated!

Talk well of him

Sometimes, we run through a rough patch in a marriage. You might be tempted to nag about your husband instead of bragging about him. Do not fall for the temptation.

Nagging or talking bad about your husband, whether online or when he is not around will foster negative thoughts. This can lead to toxicity even at home and you might end up losing respect for him. On the other hand, talking well of him will foster positivity and remind you why you fell for each other in the first place.

Celebrate as a couple

Identifying and upholding some monthsary ideas for him can be a great way of keeping him motivated. You can both do something together every end of the month to celebrate your relationship. Additionally, you can come up with some random gestures that will keep him looking forward to the next time you pull one.

It does not matter what he is going through, following these tips will have him back on his feet before you realize. I have tried these and I would advice you the same. Inspiring your husband with depression will grow his connection to you and to your marriage. Furthermore, you swore to be by each other in all situations.


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